Monday, July 30, 2012

georgia state of mind

This week my mom, mother-in-law and kids loaded the car and headed to Georgia to visit my Nannie. She's ways coming down to see us, but I realized we've never take the kids up to see her!

She lives in a very (very) small town in north GA and we've had a blast. We went shopping, relaxed, played with friends, went to Lake Winnie (a local theme park) and even saw Ruby Falls! It was breath taking. Down 200 feet in look out mountain we took a tour to a the waterfall- Ruby Falls. The rock formations were incredible, and there were places where you could actually look up the fault line... not to mention the falls. The kids loved every minute of it!

Today we're making the drive home. I've had a blast, but I'm missing my hubby.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

tiny dancer

My precious Lily started dance classes this summer. She began with a week long camp (M-F 9-11) in June. She LOVED it, so we decided to sign her up for weekly summer classes.

Seeing her dressed in her leotard and tights with these big
sparkly boots she INSISTS on wearing makes my heart melt!! In fact, I think my heart is still in a puddle on the floor from the little performance they put on for the parents.

The girls all wore their camp t-shirts and tapped to "Be Our Guest". Oh my gravy it was the most precious thing I've ever seen!!

Fall session starts in August and I can't wait to watch her grow in her abilities. She's quite the performer at home, so it'll be interesting to see how she blossoms next year.


I love summer.

The long days and long nights remind me of all the fun I had as a kid. I love making memories with my babies and most days I focus on the bigger picture not just the day to day.

If I focus on the daily tasks (which is my nature) I find myself very anxious- feeling unaccomplished and overwhelmed. But when I concentrate on covering my family with love, making memories, saying YES whenever I can, and doing things they love to do the daily tasks seem less daunting.

This summer has been a blast so far! Both my kids had summer camp for a week. Lily did a dance camp in the morning, and Logan did an all day swim camp. We spent a week at my family condo, went to a splash park, swam A LOT, did the free movies, went to the drive in, went for soft serve ice cream, saw 'Brave', stayed up late, had camp outs in the family room and more.

With only a couple weeks left, I want to soak up all the sunshine and fun I can. Logan's getting older, and soon hanging out with mom all summer isn't going to be on his agenda :( So tonight, I'm going to make a memory. I'm not sure what yet, I must browse Pintrist.